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10K fruit seedlings to be planted in SK

by April 3, 2017 Key Issues

So, in Abay village among 150 families the first batch of fruit-trees was distributed by free of charge. This event was supported by the local Mayor’s Office and sponsor. Thus, in this village, tree seedlings were planted on the territory of 1 km within the “Shatkal” program.

In general there are about 5 thousand people in Kemekalgan district, where livestock is the main industry. Note that the picturesque mountain climate of the area is very suitable for planting fruit trees. Thus, the sponsor bought 10 000 seedlings of fruit-trees at their own expense and donated it to the residents of the district.

“Today’s event is a part of the concept of the development of Tolebi district. In the near future we plan to attract sponsors and thus to green 150 settlements in 14 rural districts of the district. Instead of outdated trees in the courtyards of each house, we plant fruit seedlings. In the next year or two fruit seedlings will begin to fructify”, – Mayor of Tolebi district Bukharbai Parmanov said.

The Mayor’s Office of the district distributed trees seedlings among the residents for free.

It should be noted that a tripartite memorandum was drawn up in the village of Abay during the event. The purpose of the memorandum is proper watering and care of seedlings, where each resident will be responsible until the fruit tree seedlings start to fructify.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050