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by September 30, 2019 Legal

The Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan Institute of Social Development “Spiritual Renewal” have launched applications for the project “100 new names of Kazakhstan in 2019: the history of young Kazakhstanis” on the site since October 1, 2019

The Minister of Information and Public Development Dauren Abayev noted that two years ago, the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, launched the “Spiritual Renaissance” program.

This year, the third stage of the project “100 new names” will start.

“This project has a great impact on society. That is why we decided to continue this project. This project is being implemented in order to popularize the country, to present our country with their work, which has had a positive impact on our country during the years of independence. During the two years, about 5,000 people attended. About two million votes were cast on the project. 130 Kazakhstani people were included in the project “100 new names”. By the end of the year, we plan to hold the third stage, “said D.Abayev.

The minister also said that the project, initiated by the government, will be in the hearts of every citizen, if it is discussed and welcomed by the public.

“We have developed a jury consisting of qualified professionals. There are people like Kuanysh Shonbay, Asylbek Kozhakhmetov, Sayasat Nurbek, Murat Abenov and Rahim Oshakbaev. People’s Artist Rosa Rymbaeva is also included in the list, “he said.

Dauren Abayev also noted that this project is necessary for mothers of many children.

“This is an effective project for many mothers. Because they can be a good example to their children through themselves. We want to show that Kazakhstan is rich in various spheres. Unfortunately, we may not notice the remarkable accomplishments of many by caring for the burning sensation. Therefore, we must show that we can boast of our citizens. This will be a good example for the younger generation, “the Minister said.

In turn, Kemelbek Ochyshibayev, Chairman of the Board of the Kazakh Institute of Social Development “Spiritual Renovation”, told about the stages of the competition.

“Applications are accepted from October 1 to October 4. Starting online voting on November 5. Winners will be determined by the jury and voting results in December. Applications are accepted on the site . This is an encyclopedia of information about previous participants. You can read all the information about the winners and participants of the site,0″K.Oyshybayev said.

“This year, we have systematized the application process with” Kazcontent “JSC. First you need to fill out the form. The filled in information will give you more information about the candidate. We did ask questions specifically for sincere people to fill in the questionnaire, not the Bots. Participants should write a list of individuals who can confirm their details. There is also a link to accounts in social networks. Also, a personal number is provided to the participant by a personal number. The applications will be processed and edited before they can be posted on the site. Then all the questionnaires are sent to vote, “he said.

Besides, K.Oyshybayev dwelled on the voting procedure.

“One person can only vote for one candidate in six directions. In order to prevent the vote count, each participant can submit his / her own voice after his / her personal registration. In our opinion, this will ensure transparency and transparency of voting, “he said.

“I was skeptical at first. However, in the first year my student became a winner and addressed to the President. For the second time I became a winner myself. After that, my life changed dramatically. I think this is a very big project. It also gives you a sense of responsibility before the community. Because you can be an example for others. This year the Year of Youth. In addition, special attention is paid to teachers. This is a great honor for us. I invite you to take part, “A.Zholdasov said.

It should be noted that the results of the project will be announced at the presentation, which will be held in December this year with the participation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050