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10 new mini-squares are planned to be built in Karaganda

by March 30, 2017 World Sports

The authorities decided to re-green and decorate the city in a new way. Along the roads on the fences flowerpots with flowers will appear. The stands will be different: 3- and 5-coned. On the central Bukhar Zhyrau avenue installation of a thousand flowerpots is planned.

In addition, new small architectural forms will be installed. Some steles and structures want to decorate with architectural lighting.

According to the Mayor, 10 new mini-squares have been planned to arrange in different parts of the city. Paving blocks, lighting, landscaping, installation of benches and urns are envisaged. According to calculations, the most expensive mini-square will cost 9.8 million tenge, the cheapest – 3.8 million tenge. Works should begin in May, and to complete in July-August.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050